The Nigerian Canadian Association of Montreal

The Nigerian Canadian Association of Montreal was established on the 15th of June 1986. We aim to help Nigerians who arrive in or are resident in the province of Quebec to better integrate into the society and propagate the cultural riches of Nigeria to Canada's unique cultural system.

N.C.A also harnesses the collective efforts and goodwill of Nigerians in the province of Quebec, through the exchange of ideas, while exploring the available resources including employment opportunities in the society for the benefit of the Association and it's members. We also assist in immigration and settlement counseling services for newly arrived Nigerians in the province of Quebec.

We advocate on behalf of our members and others who turn to us, so that they may obtain the most pertinent help for their needs. The NCA has the mandate of advancing the welfare of Nigerians in Quebec. We also provide relevant information on business, tourism, humanitarian, entertainment, etc to Canadians who are interested in knowing more about Nigeria which is abundantly endowed with natural and human resources.

N.C.A Events 2023

NCA Black History Month Event February 25th 2023
NCA Mother's day Event May 13th 2023
NCA Youth Day Event June 3rd 2023
Canada Day July 1st 2023
NCA Annual BBQ Carnival July 15th 2023
NCA Back to School event TBD
Nigeria Independence Day Oct.1st 2023
NCA Christmas Party Dec.16th 2023

N.C.A Montreal QC

Address 2277 Leger LaSalle, Quebec H8N 2V7
Phone +1 (514) 316-6780
Fax +1 (514) 316-6781
Hours Monday to Friday: 10am - 4pm